Interesting Books I have Read

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

I wondered about reading a book mainly targeted at teenagers. I am almost 40 years old, but still this book hooked me and I found it hard to put down. I completed the book in 3 days and I must say it was good. I must however state that I was a bit intrigued by the brutal story line. The book can be quite terrifying at times and even disturbing at times. It is still a great story that is entertaining to read.

The story immediately conjured images of the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Running Man. Most of the targeted readers will not understand this reference, but the older people will. The Hunger Games is about a teenager who is forced to compete in a live-or-death competition. Twenty-four teenagers enters an arena and only one will come out alive.

There is some criticisms though. The characters are a bit flat and one-dimensional. If the author could have given the characters a little more depth, it would have made the book better. There is also some parts where the book is poorly written.

Still, any book that helps teenagers to discover the joys of reading should be praised.


This is truly an interesting book. It is very short and to the point, but at the current price it is still a steal. We all struggle with the reality of spam and no matter how many things we attempt to reduce spam, it never stops. This is a novel idea to turn the tables on those pestering us with spam. Quite interesting idea.

Pines - Blake Crouch

I love books that have a twist to them. This book blows you away with an unexpected ending, although I suspect that not everyone will like the ending.  The title gives little information about the book, but it is filled with horror, suspense, and action. Well-defined characters and a story line that grabs you within the first few pages are some of the strengths of this book. The main character believable. A normal guy with a family just trying to do his job. He works for the Secret Service after leaving a career in the military. In his duty as Secret Service Agent, he is sent to a small-town called Wayward Pines. His mission is to find two other agents that has disappeared. He wakes up in the hospital after a motor accident and from there everything is turned upside down. He does not remember who he is, and the hospital staff cannot help him. They found nothing on his person that could help him find his identity.  The more he tries to figure things out, the more confused he becomes. The town itself appears normal, but the people there are acting just a bit strange. His unease increases as his memory starts to return. I do not want to spoil the book by giving away too much.

It is hard to classify this book. It is not a full-blown horror story, neither is it completely science fiction. It is a mixture of a few styles. This means that it does not hit the mark spot on. Although Crouch is perhaps not of the same caliber as Stephen King or Dean Koontz, I think that his book will be enjoyed by a few. Different strokes for different folks of course, and not everyone will like this book. Of course, the book is not perfect and there is quite some errors, but the story is good to read. The final chapter also strains the credibility of the book a bit. But it is all good fun. 


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