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Three Reasons Why Kindle Publishing Will Rock Your Business

Three Reasons Why Kindle Publishing Will Rock Your Business

Three Reasons Why Kindle Publishing Will Rock Your Business
By Dan Elstad

The Amazon Kindle Publishing is a great way to build and market your business. Unfortunately, this method is fairly new so not many people know about it. Most of them are still not familiar with this new method of marketing. However, you can use this information asymmetry to your own business advantage. In this article, you'll learn why you should use Kindle Publishing to rapidly build your business. I will reveal three things that Kindle Publishing can do for your business: instant expert status, massive traffic and qualified leads. Let's discuss them one by one below.

When you create your own Kindle books, you will be instantly viewed by your customer and prospect as an expert. We have been programmed to believe that everyone that has created and published a book is an expert. This will make your job to get their trust much easier than if you come to them as a salesman offering your product. People will be more likely to listen to your advice, try out your service, and purchase what you recommend.

Next comes the traffic. We all know that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site on earth. What can you get when you publish your Kindle book there? Massive traffic! You will get many eyeballs looking at your Kindle book. Compare this to the traditional publishing model where you have to go from one publisher to the next hoping for your book to get published. Kindle publishing is fast and easy. All you have to do is to create the content of your book, format it using Kindle's requirement and submit it to be reviewed. Once it's approved, it will be instantly displayed in the Kindle store. Getting traffic don't have to be hard.

When we speak about traffic, we don't want all the traffic that we can get. We want qualified traffic. In other words, we want traffic that will convert to customer or even fans later on. The search feature and the recommended books section on Amazon will accomplish this task for you. Whenever someone browse for a book, Amazon will automatically recommend similar books that matches their interest. This will filter down the traffic further. The traffic that you get will more likely convert to what you're offering as long as you're consistent with your offer.

By now I hope you've realized how important Kindle publishing can be for your business. It's an easy way to get established as an expert which you can leverage later for conversion. And it's an easy way to get massive traffic without having to spend a lot of money. And lastly, it's an easy way to get qualified leads, which is what all businesses want. There are plenty of subjects that you can write for your first Kindle book but I recommend sticking with what you're already familiar with. If you want to start, make a goal of publishing one Kindle book at first. Once you've done this, you can then scale it up. I wish you the best of luck on your Kindle publishing adventure! To learn more tips and tricks to become successful with Kindle Publishing, please see more here. Ultimate Kindle Publishing

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Friday, 7 June 2013

The Benefits Of Being An Author and Why Writing Kindle Books Can Make It Happen

The Benefits Of Being An Author and Why Writing Kindle Books Can Make It Happen The Benefits Of Being An Author and Why Writing Kindle Books Can Make It Happen
By Val Waldeck
It wasn't that long ago that the only way to get your book published was to play the "waiting game" while major book publishers took their time getting any book published. With their large budgets and total control of all the distribution, it was almost impossible to get your book into any of the major bookstores, like Barnes & Noble or Walden's.
As a new author without a sales reputation, you would also be responsible for the costs of producing your book. Vanity publishing would be your only path to publication. You would be responsible for thousands of dollars to pay for editing and publishing. Many times, if not most, you would have to agree to buy a few thousand copies of your own book.
Kindle publishing is the perfect alternative to the high costs and production delays of traditional publication. The normal delays and disappointments are not part of Kindle's publishing platform.
New authors do have several benefits when they write books for Kindle, regardless of the topic. Self-publishing has changed the way books are published and companies are popping up all over that print on demand or provide services to help new authors get their book published.
One major benefit of publishing on Kindle is the higher royalty rates paid by Kindle when you make sales. Your royalties are based on the price you set for your book when you publish on Kindle. If your book's selling price is set somewhere between $2.99 and $9.99, your royalty is 70% of the sale. If you set a price outside those limits, your percentage drops to 35%. Other publishers offer lower percentages to the author.
Another benefit of self-publishing is that YOU can control all aspects of your book, including the cover design, your book topics and how it is marketed. You don't have to worry about the short 30-60 day shelf-life that most brick and mortar stores use. Digital books on Kindle have a forever shelf-life and you are the one who makes the decision to take your book down or not.
Personally, publishing Kindle books on almost any subject can build your reputation as an author. Your book will build your reputation in your current business, even if the book has nothing to do with your day job. When your co-workers find out that you have a book published on Kindle, your personal reputation will build rapidly.
Another huge benefit of Kindle publishing is how your clients will react to your published book. You will become a person of value in their mind and it could lead to more business and keep you a few steps above your business competition. Your Kindle book can be sent to your clients to mark a new business alliance or just to keep those clients thinking about you and your business.
Once you write your book and get it on Kindle, it could take on a life of its own and build your reputation as a published author. Additional books can be on any subject that attracts your interest. Your scope is worldwide and not restricted to the topic of your first Kindle book.
Send your mother a signed copy and she will never stop talking about her child, the author. That's publicity you can't buy!
Val Waldeck
Author and Book Consultant - Reaching Our Generation One Book at a Time - eGuide & Video Tutorial
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