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Write A Book and Make Residual Income

Write A Book and Make Residual Income
By Brad Forbush

The initial thought of writing a book of any size is daunting to the average person. If you like to write or have a great idea of which to write about, you should give it a shot. It may not seem like passive income at first because you will be putting in a lot of hours and time to write the book. Yet, in the long run, it will become an income source once it's published.

Most people have said at some point in their life that they should write a book about their life, their experiences, or a topic they feel strongly about. Yet, most people never get around to it. If you do decide to write and finish the book, it can become an income source for you in the years to come. After publishing the book, it will be sitting the stores and every sale yields a percentage to you, the author. It could be up to five years later and your book is still selling and bringing in income. Once you've become an author that people enjoy and read diligently, it can be a good idea to write more so that your fans will have more books to buy. Not every book, especially first books, will be a success. It does take a lot of work to write a book yet the results can be well-worth it. The passive income it can produce will help you reach your goals.

If you decide to write a book as a way to earn passive income, you should consider several things ahead of time. It may take years for the publishers to give your book the green light for publishing. It may not sell as well you'd hope it would. Writing the book itself may prove to be more difficult than you imagined. While these are negatives, the positives are also present in the book writing process. You can decide when and where to write. You can decide what to say and how to say it. This is your book, your masterpiece, and by what you will be remembered. Don't decide on a topic unless you know something about it or want to know more about it. The book writing process will be easier if you enjoy what you're writing about and feel as though you can move quickly through the topics and ideas. If you have to struggle with every page, every chapter, the book will never get and you will never see that passive income. It can be a great feeling to get a royalties check even after your book has been available to the public for a while.

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