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Writing E-Books That Sell

Writing E-Books That Sell Writing E-Books That Sell
By Rohan Magallanes
There are lots of people who can write e-books, but not all of those will actually sell. Putting together a legitimate e-book is easier now thanks to abundance of resources and self-publishing tools available, but making one that people will actually buy is another thing. Perhaps you already know the basics of writing an e-book, but here are some really great tips to make sure that your labor of love will bring you profit:
Know What Readers Want
Before sitting down to work, you should know what your readers want to have from you. As soon as you have determined who your core audience is, take the time to reach out to them and ask for their suggestions. Use your e-mail list for this purpose (if you still don't have an e-mail list, create one before even thinking of doing an e-book). Ask your subscribers what they want to see in an e-book then take it from there. Their suggestions will prove invaluable when you collect materials for writing. There are writers who think they know what their audience wants. Do not assume and just ask so you will know for sure.
Focus on the Benefit Your Readers Will Get
People will buy e-books if they think they can get something out of it. Do not just write about a topic that interests you; make sure that your topic will become beneficial for the audience. How-to topics sell like hotcakes because it gives precisely what the audience wants. Sell a particular need and make sure your e-book delivers. You can ramble on and on about some ideology but still get ignored no matter how good your arguments are. Why? Because they are not interested in your opinion if it does not benefit them, unless you are a really famous person that people will be interested in no matter what you say.
Make It Look Pretty
Your great content may go unnoticed if you don't package your e-book the right way. Let's face it, there are people who place premium importance on appearances. Why risk losing profit for not making your e-book as presentable as you can make it? Don't just convert your Word file into PDF and sell it as it is. Your work will get lost in a sea of e-books that people do not pay attention to. You will have to spend money for a beautiful cover, but trust us, the investment will pay off in the long run.
Hire an Editor
There's nothing like another set of eyes to read your work for corrections. Even if you happen to be a great writer, you still need another person to proofread your work. Why not go all out and get a professional to do it? An editor will cite the necessary changes that you need to do to make your e-book more readable and credible. Don't hesitate paying for the services of an excellent editor. You will definitely get your money's worth.
To maintain your motivation while writing your e-book, think of the profits that you will earn and the credibility you will gain from publishing your work. Do not do things halfway and give this venture your best shot.
Make sure your e-book is free from embarrassing grammar and spelling errors. Check out and hire an editor now.
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