Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why write a book on grief?

Losing a loved one is perhaps, the most painful incident anyone can ever experience. People who lost someone close to them know that it is almost impossible to describe the pain and emotions. And perhaps that makes it even worse: people want to help you, but you cannot tell them exactly how you feel or why. Grief is not something that simply disappears with time. The idea that time heals all pain is not always true. Sometimes the pain of losing someone you love stay with you for life. For some the pain become so intense that they consider suicide, and unfortunately some do commit suicide.

Grief and loss is one of the least understood experiences in human life. As a society, we ignore the reality of death, and when death do strike, we try to remove all signs as soon as possible. The bereaved is “guided” to accept the reality of loss as soon as possible so they can “continue” with their lives. In the beginning, people swarm the grieving family, only to “disappear” within a few weeks, leaving the family feeling lost and alone in their pain.

I have written my book, From Grief to Peace - Mourning Your Loss. The Healthy Way, from my experience working with people struggling with grief. I have seen many people question their own sanity while experiencing normal grief symptoms. For them the impact of pain was so harsh, that they wondered if there was something wrong with them. The relief people experience when realizing there is nothing wrong with them forced me to write a simple book on grief. This book was not written to break new ground in the study of grief and loss. It is not suppose to be an in-depth look at grief, but rather a short introduction for a better understanding of grief, bereavement and mourning.

The book is unpolished (English is not even my first language) and I am not a writer, as a critic clearly stated in one review. However,  the book is an honest discussion of the realities I see too often in my daily work. Despite the flaws, the book will offer value to anyone who reads it. Even people who are not experiencing grief will find value in the book.

I am busy completing my second book on grief and I hope that this book will also offer those struggling to understand the reality of their pain, some comfort. Please keep checking this space for more information in the near future.


  1. Good for you. People who are grieving (in the acceptance period I would think they would be willing to pick up a book on grief) will benefit and be comforted by books on this topic.

  2. Grief is one emotion which cannot be easily understood and can be misinterpreted. I’m really glad, that you have dealt with this emotion in its true sense and have explained ways in which we can deal with it in a healthy manner. The content of this book seems to be really good and I really felt the need to discuss something as important as loss and grief, properly.

  3. Thanks for writing a book on grief as we all need to face the fact that at some point in our lives we will be going through it.