Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Cover For My Book - From Grief to Peace

I changed the cover of my e-book - From Grief to Peace - Mourning Your Loss: The Healthy Way to Survive the Death of a Loved One.  I hope it is an improvement on the previous cover.My book received some mixed, but largely positive reviews. We found some typing errors that will be corrected as soon as possible.

The book is written for people who are not prepared for the reality of grief. It is not a book that breaks new ground in the study of grief or bereavement. It probably offers very little new on the subject. The book is however borne out of my many years experience with people experiencing grief. Mostly people struggle to cope with grief because they have no idea what it is. Getting a better understanding of grief helps to better cope with the pain.

For this reason the book is short and to the point. It's main purpose is to simply and easily help people come to terms with grief. As one reviewer stated:

I feel that no matter how well you think you've prepared yourself, it's never easy dealing with death and the loss of a loved one. The grieving and healing process is such a truly individual journey and as such is always unique. That being said, this wonderful book offers insight into the process of coping with grief and loss in ways I hadn't considered. I especially like the way the author turned the word "grief" into an acronym that spells out the steps to healing and serenity. Whether you've recently lost a loved one, or know that you're going to soon, this well-written volume offers good, practical advice, that is both heart-felt and touching.

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