Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Next Book Is Almost Ready To Be Published On Amazon

Great News! My newest book is almost ready to be published on Amazon. If everything goes according to plan within the next 2-3 days. Like my previous book, this book focus on grief. I see lots of people in my daily routine who really struggle with the painful reality of death and loss.  People do not know how to grieve. We tend to ignore the reality of death, grief and mourning since no one like to talk or think about this subject. When death suddenly takes a loved one, we are at a loss.

This reality is the driving force behind the books I write. I want to help more people to be better prepared for the inevitable reality of grief and mourning. Understanding what grief is and how it differs from mourning, that the different stages of grief is and how to cope is important.  So keep checking this page for more information.


  1. My Dad has a special place in my heart and same is the case with him, as well. I feel fortunate enough to have him beside me and he is someone who always makes me happy. This book seems to be an interesting one and most importantly it’s a book which can inspire me. I really liked your review and would like to read this book.

  2. your previous book was an amazing read. It is not like the usual self help book and does not give instructions. You have understood what grief is, since a death is inevitable and you have also explained it beautifully, so that we can cope up with it in a healthy manner. I’m excited to see the content of your next book and I’m curiously waiting for it.