Thursday, 20 September 2012

Does counseling help when grieving?

Yes, it does. Finding the correct counselor with whom you can find report is of course important. Finding a counselor in your area is not as difficult as you think. Visit the community center, religious leaders or even Google your area with the words grief and counselor to find some in your vicinity. It can be worthwhile to find a good counselor when grieving. Grieving is a universal and normal response to the loss of anything important in our lives. We think about grieving only in terms of losing another human being. We can experience grief when we lose our jobs, a pet, or a lifelong dream for example. Although grief is a normal response, the problem is that we are mostly not prepared to handle grief. Counselors are known to help people in their grieving process and to help a faster and better healing process. Some people who losses something important also quickly realize that they are alone. In the beginning of the loss, people are usually sympathetic, but this does not last long. The world quickly forgets and moves on, leaving the mourner without the necessary support. Counselors can help fill this void created by people moving on. Counseling does appear to cause more pain in the beginning. Speaking about your loss and pain soon after can intensify the pain. Counselors know this and have techniques to guide grievers through their pain and hurt. Although the pain become more intense, speaking about it does help to relieve the pain in the end. Good counselors offer their patients an area where they can start to feel safe and secure. This allows them to speak freely about their emotions. Although counselors do offer great help, not everyone feel prompted to visit one. If you are going through a grieving process, take a look at my latest book, From Grief to Peace - Mourning Your Loss. The Healthy You to Survive the Death of a Loved One. Perhaps it can offer some help.

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